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Spring 2020: A Message from the CEO

March 12, 2020

HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen introduces the Spring 2020 print issue of HCA Healthcare Magazine—now available in a new digital version.

HCA Healthcare Colleagues,

Last year we rolled out our enterprise brand, which defines why we exist as an organization and connects each of us to the larger purpose we have of providing healthier tomorrows for the communities we serve. The Spring 2020 issue of HCA Healthcare Magazine celebrates how the great people within our organization do just that for our patients, for our communities, and for each other.

HCA Healthcare colleagues are unique—unique because of their passion; unique because of their commitment; and unique because of their compassion for others. I have seen you put your full effort into everything you do to improve the lives of others. Because our day-to-day responsibilities can be highly complex, I urge all of you to reconnect with why you pursued a career in healthcare and ask yourself, “Who do I work for?”

In addition to the print magazine, I am excited to announce the new digital version of HCA Healthcare Magazine.

— Sam Hazen

Personally, I work for you. I work for our physicians. And ultimately, I work for our patients. As CEO, it is my job to make sure our company has both a culture that puts the patient first and a strategy that is designed to accomplish our mission and business objectives. Also, it is my job to make sure our people—our nurses, our doctors, and our support staff—have the resources and training they need to succeed and deliver the highest-quality care to our patients in the most efficient manner. Our patients deserve this; they depend on us for this; and it is our job to deliver on it.

Throughout the Spring 2020 issue, you will hear from other colleagues about who they work for; how each of us plays an essential role when providing an excellent care experience; the support our HCA Healthcare Hope Fund extends throughout our work family; the value our employee advisory groups create for our organization; and more.

In addition to the print magazine, I am excited to announce the new digital version of HCA Healthcare Magazine: This site includes the current and previous issues of the magazine as well as exclusive digital content, which will be published throughout the year. I hope you find as much inspiration in these stories as I do. It is amazing how much we can accomplish together, and I look forward to continuing to create healthier tomorrows alongside each other.

Sam Hazen
CEO, HCA Healthcare