HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen

Summer 2020: A Message from the CEO

June 24, 2020

HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen introduces the Summer 2020 issue of HCA Healthcare Magazine—a COVID-19 special edition.

HCA Healthcare Family,

In my 37 years with our organization, I have never witnessed such incredible teamwork, courage, partnership, and unwavering commitment to our mission as I have this year. HCA Healthcare is truly an organization of incredible people.

While our front-line caregivers have taken center stage and raised the bar for what it means to provide superior care, many colleagues who are not at the bedside have also played a crucial role in our preparation, response, and reboot efforts. These past few months have not been easy, but your remarkable teamwork and dedication to each other have endured.

I want to thank each of you for your commitment to our patients, your tremendous sacrifices, and your hard work.

— Sam Hazen

Our organization has a storied history of responding to disasters, from hurricanes and floods to mass-casualty events like the concert shooting in Las Vegas. Together, we’ve used these experiences to guide and inform our planning and response during the COVID-19 crisis, the first of its kind that we have faced collectively across the enterprise.

This event has required us to respond differently, with a structure that includes a more balanced approach between corporate support, division coordination, and facility execution. We developed five guiding principles that established a framework for decision-making and actions throughout the crisis:

  • Protect our colleagues and physicians.
  • Be there for patients.
  • Partner with others.
  • Be a resource for communities and government.
  • Accelerate the organization through the crisis.

Throughout this special edition of HCA Healthcare Magazine, we highlight how the combined efforts of our organization are critically important in supporting these guiding principles and why the promise of HCA Healthcare lies not in our name, but in our people. From our emergency operations teams and front-line heroes to our supply chain, data science and IT teams, clinical labs, community and government partners, and more, the work you do shines brightest during times of adversity.

I want to thank each of you for your commitment to our patients, your tremendous sacrifices, and your hard work. As we continue to move forward, I am confident that our unique scale and incredible people will help shape the new healthcare landscape that is before us. I am incredibly proud to call you my HCA Healthcare family.

Sam Hazen
CEO, HCA Healthcare