Cropped typography from the cover of the Annual Impact Report. Cropped typography from the cover of the Annual Impact Report.
Our Communities

Making an Impact in 2022

April 14, 2023

Our annual HCA Healthcare Impact Report presents the many ways HCA Healthcare and our colleagues served our communities and delivered for our stakeholders.

At HCA Healthcare, we have a responsibility to improve the health of our patients, colleagues and communities. From innovative care models to healthcare-leading partnerships, 2022 was a year of investment and advancement.

HCA Healthcare by the Numbers

Infographic that shows, 37 million plus patient encounters. 1,616 physician practices. 61 Behavioral health sites of care. 43 Home health and hospice agencies. 126 surgery centers. 130 freestanding emergency clinics. 270 Urgentcare clinics. 218 thousand plus babies delivered.

Reducing Opioid Usage and Improving Surgical Outcomes

Up to a 44% decrease in opioid usage for some surgeries.

HCA Healthcare’s Enhanced Surgical Recovery (ESR) program is a patient-centered, research-based, multidisciplinary approach to surgical recovery that allows patients to play an active role in managing their own care and recovery plan. Based on data collected from more than 140,000 joint replacement, gynecologic oncology, colorectal and bariatric surgeries in 2021, the ESR protocol has shown to be a proven road map for helping improve surgical results.

  • Up to a 44% decrease in opioid usage for some surgeries.
  • A 54% decrease in 30-day readmissions for joint replacement surgeries.
  • 45% decrease in 90-day readmissions for gynecological surgeries.

Increasing Access to Affordable Care

An estimated cost of 3.5 billion dollars in uncompensated care.

In order to best serve both uninsured and underinsured patients,

HCA Healthcare applies either a full charity write-off or a sliding scale discount to what a patient pays, based on federal poverty guidelines (FPG) and household income.

In addition, our Uninsured Discount Policy offers patients with no insurance, or limited/exhausted insurance benefits, an average discount of 90% for emergency services.

In 2022, HCA Healthcare provided an estimated cost of $3.5B for the delivery of charity care, uninsured discounts and other uncompensated care. HCA Healthcare also cares for more Medicaid inpatients than any other health system in the U.S.

Advancing Sustainability Initiatives

At HCA Healthcare, our dedication to improving more lives in more ways is directly connected to the impact we have on the environment, as well as our understanding of how the environment impacts overall health and well-being. Our current environmental strategy enables us to prepare and execute short- and long-term sustainability plans within our four key themes:

  • Managing our energy and water usage responsibly.
  • Enhancing climate resilience throughout our communities.
  • Sourcing and consuming efficiently and responsibly.
  • Managing the impact of our capital programs and carbon footprint.

Advancing Equity of Care

We believe excellence in healthcare starts with a foundation of inclusion, compassion, and respect for our patients and colleagues, and we are dedicated to ensuring equitable access to high-quality care.

HCA Healthcare is concentrating on key focus areas, including equity of care, access to services, web and digital accessibility, and pastoral and spiritual care.

To this end, we developed and deployed new trainings to support our facilities and hosted a forum to discuss the latest health equity trends, challenges and opportunities. Our Ensuring Access to Services educational resource has remained highly utilized, with more than 125,000 downloads in 2022.

View the full Impact Report to learn more about HCA Healthcare’s promise and presence.