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HCA Healthcare Colleagues Share How They Care Like Family

June 26, 2019

We care like family. Meaning, we pull together to support and celebrate patients and each other.

In this article we showcase the perspectives of three colleagues highlighting their HCA Healthcare experience and how they care like family for both patients and peers. First up is Devon from Texas.

Devon Moore

Devon Moore

A direct-care nurse at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, Devon is able to put into words the joy and suffering of her job. Nursing is her calling, not a career choice. She describes her experiences and processes her emotions in a creative way through her popular blog, Becoming Florence.

How would you describe your relationship with your fellow nurses? The physicians and nurses are incredibly supportive in boosting each other’s careers. It feels amazing that doctors realize we’re capable of caring for their sickest patients. Equally awesome is when a nurse says, “I shared your blog post with my parents, so they’d better understand what we do.” They’re not just a team of nurses; they’re family.

Why is your blog an important outlet of expression? How can I not tell people about this profession? It’s very easy to only live in the grief or in the mountaintop, miracle moments, but the reality is most of our patients get better. And as a bedside nurse, I’m a large part of that.

Vic Campbell

Vic Campbell

Based at HCA Healthcare in Nashville, Tenn., Vic learned about family-first values and hard work while growing up in the small town of Anderson, Ind., and on the nearby farm where his father was raised. Personable and charismatic, he relies on a simple rule when engaging people: The deeper your connection, the more faith they have in you.

How would you summarize your experience at HCA Healthcare? I live and breathe this organization. It’s my second home, and I care like family for many of my close colleagues. As I tell my kids and young folks, “Find something that you love, and it will never feel like work.”

What’s your favorite thing about working here? The people. The Frist family and the many incredible people they’ve brought to our hospitals are what have kept me here for more than 45 years. [HCA Healthcare co-founder] Dr. Frist, Sr. was often quoted saying, “Good people beget good people.” HCA Healthcare leadership today still lives by this motto.

Ruth Townsend

Ruth Townsend

Besides overseeing community education efforts, Ruth creates wellness programs for her colleagues at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. Says one of those colleagues, “Ruth is likely one of the most upbeat, enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet.”

In what ways do you care like family for your patients and colleagues? There are many diverse aspects to my position, all of which are educational, fun and rewarding. I teach or present on anything from hands-only CPR and heart and stroke risk factors, to counteracting the sitting disease and mindfulness. I also do one-on-one stress management and relaxation consults and create fun wellness contests throughout the year.

How has the HCA Healthcare family made a difference in your life? I’m in my 22nd year at the hospital. I’ve gained numerous close friends who support me at work and in my personal life. It truly is family.